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"Saturday Night Live" cast member Sarah Sherman called the conspiracy theorist's body a "worm's paradise."
The canine (played by Marcello Hernández) went to bat for the South Dakota governor as he claimed that the animal-killing story is "media spin."
The former president took shots at host Colin Jost and called Biden's speech "an absolute disaster!"
The "Weekend Update" co-host paid tribute to his late grandfather, who voted for the president back in 2020.
The "SNL" news segment's co-anchor joked about what the former president was up to during Joe Biden's record-setting fundraiser in New York last week.
Jost took a swipe at the former president after he claimed that Biden's words weren't "flowing smoothly out of his mouth" during the address.
The co-host of the "SNL" news segment revealed one discovery the president made during his trip to the U.S.-Mexico border.
The “SNL” comedian is best known for his work on “Weekend Update” with Michael Che.
The co-host of the "SNL" news segment mocked right-wingers for adding to their list of "enemies" with a Taylor Swift conspiracy theory.
"I don’t even blame them. I blame us for allowing it," co-anchor Colin Jost joked.