colin jost

The "Black Widow" actor, who has been married three times, spoke about why her relationship with Colin Jost is successful.
The "Weekend Update" co-anchor questioned the former president's claims about people "crying" inside a Manhattan courthouse.
Jost struggled to get through the start of the "SNL" news program before his co-host Michael Che made a big revelation.
Jost mocked the former president's water bottle brand during the "Saturday Night Live" segment this weekend.
The "Weekend Update" anchor called one of the embattled Republican's lies "an insane thing to pretend to be."
“What am I doing? I just turned 936. These should be the best years of my life,” mused Yang's Krampus.
The Supreme Court justice's bizarre hypothetical about a Black mall Santa got a blistering response on "Weekend Update."
Musk said in a tweet that West took their talk about antisemitism "to heart." Jost said on "SNL" that he didn't think Musk was the man for the job.
He thanked “Saturday Night Live” on his final episode for “always having my back and allowing me to work on myself and grow.”