Colin Kaepernick

"Colin in Black & White," which Kaepernick created with Ava DuVernay, tells the story of the NFL star's early life.
Michael Starrbury, who wrote the script for “Colin in Black & White,” thinks the activist should be cast as a Marvel superhero next.
The former NFL star revealed the release date for "Colin in Black & White," the six-episode limited series he created with Ava DuVernay.
The new project was inspired by the activist's childhood memory of when he said he first documented he was different from his adopted white family.
The anthology, edited by the activist, makes the case for a world "without and beyond policing and prisons."
The comedian also has a message for those who rejoiced at his COVID-19 diagnosis.
Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, directed the NBA team to stop playing the national anthem before home games.
The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback trended on Twitter after the NFL aired a Super Bowl ad about ending systemic racism.
Twitter users also called out the fact that there are currently only two Black head coaches in the league.
The civil rights organization called out the president for saying Colin Kaepernick was unpatriotic for peacefully protesting racism.