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And what politicians are getting wrong about immigrants.
Whether people reading this decide to support Carry On or they decide to get involved in another luggage program from another organization for youth in foster care, I will be happy. Because the goal is to make sure that NO child ever has to pack their belongings in anything but proper luggage.
Shuli Hallak joins HuffPost Live to explain how shared spaces turned her into an entrepreneur.
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The latest batch of designer collaborations has us plotting all the ways we can style these ingenious seasonal matchups. Read
Throughout our research as a fund, we've noticed a trend. The way people sustain themselves is shifting. If more people are self-employed, or making extra money through gigs, what does the future of work look like?
Singer, songwriter and multi-talented musician Casey Abrams performs his original tune "Stuck in London" and answers fan questions about his mesmerizing beard, his relationship with Haley Reinhart, the evolution of his music for his latest self-titled album and upcoming tours.
Santana traveled to India to perform at the Formula One Rocks concert. He shared his excitement about the trip with the concert
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If you are only focused on what business is trendy today and how much money you can make quickly, the end is already in sight for your enterprise.
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Photo: MAC Cosmetics Starting November 14th, Miss Piggy's limited edition 3-piece collection with MAC Cosmetics debuts: The
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By now, you've probably caught a glimpse of Karl Lagerfeld's much-anticipated capsule collection for Macy's, which hits stores
46% have looked up what services a government agency provides 41% have downloaded government forms 35% have researched official
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A man who describes himself as being a former shoe-gazer, Jacobs had experienced some kind of epiphany. "I was never comfortable