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Authorities said Saturday that all victims had been extricated from the debris. Six people died in the tragedy.
The whistleblowing platform tweeted and subsequently deleted a poll asking users to speculate.
I've been noticing that Democrats -- all the way up to and including Hillary Clinton herself -- seem to be awfully complacent about the possible outcomes of next year's presidential race. This could be dangerous, because nothing in politics is ever written in stone.
Physicists have proposed a mechanism for ‘cosmological collapse’ - which predicts the universe will at some point stop expanding and then collapse back onto itself.
In apocalyptic times -- and our time surely is one -- it's easy to succumb to hopelessness, but few have discussed why hopelessness can be so magically attractive.
What is now at risk is the functional integrity of the only biosphere we know, and the very continuation of civilization. And yet, we seem numb to this unprecedented threat. Will modern civilization evolve to become egalitarian and sustainable, or collapse?
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What makes sophisticated empires fall? That's the question that one team of scientists backed by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center tackled in their report, and it's reflected in our own backyard.
Of what possible use is it to imagine the end of civilization or even of the species? Is this kind of imagination simply a pessimistic indulgence or can it contribute to "green" and other positive results?
The mission is to prepare people before their world falls apart, so they won't be surprised and fall into panic and traumatic depression. Carolyn Baker's dream is that a better society will arise as we wisely prepare for and resiliently move through a period of suffering.
People in my generation need to step up to the plate to run for office. While many of us have become social innovators and entrepreneurs, hardly any of us are running for public office.
It wasn't until I burned out that I actually became aware of how few resources existed which identified, much less discussed, the impact that occurs when stress and high-achieving women collide.
At the same time, the Classic Maya would have implicated gods and their "divine" rulers for the collapse. In that way, their
This year's historic Red Sox meltdown may have been more statistically horrendous on many levels than their 1978 swan dive, but with Boston having gone all the way in '04 and '07, the emotional letdown hasn't been nearly as severe.
DEVELOPING: At least 70 people are trapped in a collapsed building at a central Florida airport after severe weather hit
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But I'm not altogether sure something good won't come of this. It's not going to be a sweeping, easy-to-grasp gesture, but
Former Bear Stearns CEO Jimmy Cayne is scheduled to testify before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission today, and his
I came here to find a corner of the world where relationships, ideas, and beauty were more important than winning. I wanted a place where people sat down to dinner, where I could live.
"Profit at all costs" is not the only thing wrong with the way we are doing business in our world. Another area in which