Some people find my hobby weird or even creepy, but my collection has affected my life in beautiful ways.
A push to enact state bans on elephant ivory sales has brought together unlikely partners in opposition — antiques collectors
A 2015 video showed militants wielding sledgehammers to smash "idolatrous" statues.
“The Keeper” at the New Museum posits that collecting is much more than a compulsion.
"They're really more Freedom Documents than contracts," entrepreneur and founder of Collector's Cafe Mykalai Kontilai told me as he eagerly awaited another milestone in the long list of his career.
Design and real estate developer, Robbie Antonio is known for his visionary work and innovative collaborations. His latest project, Revolution, is a collection of limited edition pre-crafted homes and pavilions that seek to democratize design and architecture.
The following review first appeared in The National Book Review Ann Fabian teaches history at Rutgers, the state university
Walt Disney's life has been chronicled in the remarkable PBS American Experience documentary that first aired in two parts on Monday and Tuesday nights.
I'm a lover of signed first editions. I have gone to many book readings to get books signed. Next week it's Mindy Kaling's new book. Unfortunately, before knowing better, I once gave up a first edition JK Rowling Sorcerers Stone for $100 bucks.