collective bargaining

The union and the automaker failed to come to an agreement on a new four-year collective bargaining deal.
Billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer appeals to union workers and says he was the first of the democratic presidential candidates to advocate for a wealth tax.
The decision by a three-judge panel keeps alive a batch of executive orders that unions have been fighting.
Employees of the subscription news outlet voted to authorize a strike after more than two years of bargaining.
Ten months after Vice's TV and video arm organized, workers are increasingly frustrated with the slow pace of negotiations.
By Sherman Dorn, Arizona State University/The Conversation The Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision in Janus v. AFSCME 31 will hurt
The group, a major donor to progressive movements, appears to be the first large U.S. private foundation to unionize.
Conservative justices appeared sympathetic to the challenge brought by anti-union groups.
It could cost unions millions of members -- but also force them to adapt and innovate.
Special thanks to Steffen Herskind for co-writing and researching this article Wealth is more evenly distributed, with a
"The more you strengthen collective bargaining, the more you strengthen the middle class," said Tom Perez.
A real movement is based on a shared understanding that we all have common enemies and common struggles. That is why, four
The goal for all working families remains a secure, sustainable job and a real improvement in our standard of living. Here's how we get there.
The Guild and Uber will team up to lobby for a level playing field on taxi sales taxes. Currently New York state law charges
Over the past three decades, corporations virtually eliminated secure pensions, forced workers into risky, self-pay plans and handed hundreds of millions in tax-free retirement benefits to the top dogs. Pensions aren't dead; they're just exclusive now.
It is clear to most people that corporations hold numerous advantages over everyday Americans when it comes to power in the workplace. But thankfully, the Obama administration just took a step to close a loophole that will shine a spotlight on those engaging in anti-union activities.
Some Uber drivers in New York City went on strike this week, after the company reduced rates on its basic service, UberX