collective bargaining

The West Virginia centrist will need to recruit at least one other non-Republican to try and roll back a new progressive labor rule that business groups hate.
The memo from Jennifer Abruzzo puts private universities and conferences on notice not to classify such players as “student athletes.”
Labor law experts are exploring ways to curtail the power of police unions, but any meaningful changes require political will.
The president declared in a memo that gutting the unions would bring "maximum flexibility."
The union and the automaker failed to come to an agreement on a new four-year collective bargaining deal.
Billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer appeals to union workers and says he was the first of the democratic presidential candidates to advocate for a wealth tax.
The decision by a three-judge panel keeps alive a batch of executive orders that unions have been fighting.
Employees of the subscription news outlet voted to authorize a strike after more than two years of bargaining.
Ten months after Vice's TV and video arm organized, workers are increasingly frustrated with the slow pace of negotiations.