collective intelligence

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Humanity can overcome every single known danger. But accomplishing this will require the smartest groups working together for the common good of human survival. So, how do we ensure that we have the smartest groups working to solve the problem? Get women involved.
Even in organizations where the work is mostly done on an individual level, we see impressive results when people are allowed to be engaged and focused around common challenges or opportunities.
It feels good to be whisked away from everything, to turn off the rest of the world, and to take a deep dive into your thoughts. But hey, just be aware of one thing. That trip might be a waste of time.
Our actions have to be in balance with the stories we tell ourselves for us to be able to feel good about ourselves. Stories are important, because the motivate us to do or not to do. They give us a justification for our behavior.
Soon a new genre of software called collective intelligence could make Wikipedia seem primitive. Collective intelligence software will enable hundreds or even thousands of people to come together online to discuss ideas and generate new thoughts and knowledge.
Women often find themselves between a rock and a hard place. When women are viewed as "nice," studies show that people "like" them better, but they are considered less effective in the workplace.
Will women transform the meaning of power by distributing power rather than holding onto it, by engaging people rather than dictating to them, and by seeking to bring the best out in people rather than focusing on themselves as center stage heroes?
Some people say Gandhi was about nonviolence. And he was. But he is significant for something else that I believe is far more important: He changed the game.
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Here is Eileen's complete Visual Insight e-government mural. Bill sees Program for the Future's role as "improving the improvers
So what does Web 2.0 mean to Gov 2.0? Many aspects cannot be discerned at this point, but one thing is certainly clear: It's about all of us.
It's important that we engage our creative imagination and design "social-ware" to shape our world by each of us acting as a "global sensor," a functional part of the global neural network.
What we really need to do is appreciate internal security as much as we value it externally in the world around us.
Multilateral negotiations broke down in Copenhagen: future climate change talks should take a note from Silicon Valley, where tools to innovate and bypass obstacles were developed by small groups of people in kitchens and garages.
Building practices for communication and coordination across the generational divide is essential if we are to create a common vision of what is possible and begin to co-create the future that we all want.