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Residential Programs Beyond major requirements, universities often integrate course enrollment across departments as part
Throw out the image of high school for a second and imagine instead your child were going backpacking in the Himalayas. Would you let them coast until the trip? Or would you insist they've got to break in those hiking boots?
The first time a student will face the decision about whether to disclose is while writing his or her college application essay.
It is crucial to internalize that this Costco essay represents just one example of an approach that might work in a winning admissions essay. You'll know when you've found the right combination of topic, voice and style, be they oversized or a bit more subdued.
Whether you're accepted, rejected, or waitlisted this college admission season it's important to remember that college isn't about the name of the institution -- it's about what you make of the experience.
College decisions are rolling out and you may need to tiptoe around the eggshells.
I've checked my applicant portal five times today, but nothing has changed. Offers of acceptance started coming out on Saturday
It may seem like there's very little you can do while you wait, but if you're still in line for an interview at one of your top choice schools, this is one area where you can truly set yourself apart.
Post-Rejection Make sure you research and get excited about the other colleges you've applied to. Chances are your second
“My mom and my dad and my family, they made me realize what was important,” she told ABC7. “Stuff is just stuff. What is
Munira Khalif is an 18-year-old high school senior at Mounds Park Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota. In addition to her high
She hasn't really changed that much since kindergarten -- she's still independent, social and eager to learn. But something about the thought of dropping her off at college takes my breath away. I want to scoop her into my arms, make the choice for her, make the fears go away
Every year we hear dizzying statistics about the college admissions process. Thousands of students apply to colleges with single digit acceptance rates, and often it feels like a lottery ticket to get accepted.
Application season is rough on everyone. And it flat out sucks when your friends get a bunch of acceptance letters and you don't-even if you applied to completely different schools.
It's a whirlwind time of a senior's life, and there's a lot of things to forget in the madness of last-semester studying, internships, clubs, and finishing that last episode on Netflix. Here's six things you need to get through it all.
Don't let the headache of untangling financial aid letters spoil the thrill of getting into college. Here are five things to keep in mind as you evaluate your options for attending and paying for school.
March is a busy time for high school juniors and their families. Here are our March college readiness tips.
After 3 months, the student should have a good sense of the people, the work, and the scope of each activity. Reflecting
This is a time of agonized waiting for many high school seniors. They have submitted their college applications and supporting materials. Now their fate lies in the hands of admissions officers who are busily reading through applications.