College Administration

Legislators must not drag their feet in ensuring hundreds of thousands of Americans are not displaced from their country.
We must provide broader access to higher education to ensure success for a more diverse student body.
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The University of Wisconsin-Superior became the latest college to try out an education fad while slashing their budget. With
Jonathan Martin, who has taken aim at Jerry Falwell Jr., was escorted from campus for what the university called "public safety reasons."
Their graduate students are trying to unionize. The president may have already stopped them.
The esteemed institution's bicentennial celebration grants us an opportunity to grade its accessibility and the value of its work.
There's a difference between "Hispanic-serving" and just "Hispanic-enrolling."
Students and professors protested Sessions' appearance at the Georgetown University law school, accusing him of hypocrisy on free speech.
The Trump administration has made no secret of its disdain for strict prohibitions on sexual assault and harassment.