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Olivia Jade Giannulli isn't accused in the college admissions fraud involving her parents, but an education seemed irrelevant to her in an August video.
The actor reacted to his Stanford grad son's outrage after a massive fraud indictment charged Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, among other elites.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is charging nearly 50 people for participating in a nationwide bribery ring that U.S. attorney Andrew Lelling called the “largest college admission scam ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice.”
After years of hard work, high school seniors will soon receive their college acceptance letters and senioritis will take hold of seniors nationwide. Senioritis, even though it sounds like a contiguous disease it is not, but a real occurrence described as a time when students have accomplished their high school goals, are no longer motivated academically or otherwise and mentally "check-out" in their last two semesters of school.
In March 2016, Chicago-based Urban Prep advertised that 100 percent of its 252 seniors have been admitted into a four-year
Students change, so colleges are instead looking for dynamic individuals that are open-minded, capable of learning, and able to contribute back to their community. These traits can be show at either a private or public school.
If we look across America, more students studying STEM is a great sign. The students we help are motivated and willing to take risks, and we believe if we can continue to grow this population and inspire more students to explore STEM, we have a chance at reversing the trend in America.
Sending your kids to college is a wild ride emotionally and financially as well. So taking action today to prepare for your future is a great example to set for your children before they set out on their own. It's never too late to start: with knowledge and the self-empowerment to take a first step, you can always help to improve your life over the long run.
As a college admissions company, we have seen the stress that the SAT can create, but also the benefits of knowing which schools are realistic. In all, we believe the SAT is part of the college admissions equation that should be kept, but viewed holistically.
Every year we hear dizzying statistics about the college admissions process. Thousands of students apply to colleges with single digit acceptance rates, and often it feels like a lottery ticket to get accepted.
While a student's ACT or SAT scores might be only one part of a college application, they can be a useful numerical marking of the kinds of students applying to and being admitted to particular schools. What You Write: "I am an enthusiastic student and have a lot
The Fall College Application Season has arrived. And kids are showing up on college campuses nationwide, dressed in their finest duds, scouting out the hallowed halls of the ivory tower.
On the threshold between the life we've known and her departure, I slide my credit card, serve as Sherpa from store to home. We stuff the comforter into a huge bag, vacuum out the air, shrinking it into a manageable cube. The piles grow, spawn -- a Bed Bath & Beyond annex in our living room.
What do Gwyneth Paltrow, Yves St. Lauren and Bob Dylan have in common? All of them got to the top of their fields with the
When you hit submit and the little green arrow appears next to the college's name, you know it's over. You know that all you can do now is wait.
When I was a senior in high school, my application for admission was rejected by the college I most wanted to attend. Read
There, I said it. He's only 13, so we have a few years before we even have to consider it, but I need to say it now. Learning should be a joy, not a stress-filled struggle.
Choosing where to attend college based on the relative strength of a particular major is like deciding on what to order at a fine restaurant before going in the front door.