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If you're branching into a new stage of life with a new person, new job, new school, new location or new objective, it's
"As a freshman college student entering a new journey in your adult life, this is your opportunity to start over in life
Over the past several weeks, first-year students have been arriving at colleges across the country to learn and to lay a
First you have to find your area of interest. Doing general volunteer work is almost never helpful for admission to the Top 100 colleges.
Summertime is one of the best times for high school students. Daily routine and structured days give way to sunshine and mostly empty calendars. Apart from taking a much-needed break from academics, students should use their summers to expand on their interests.
Success in college looks different for everybody.
You go to college to learn. That's the whole point of it. After having completed my freshman year, however, I realized that you learn just as much outside the classroom as you do inside it. And, believe me, these lessons will bruise you and break you just as much as the exams and labs do.
Residential Programs Beyond major requirements, universities often integrate course enrollment across departments as part
“I don’t want them to think, ‘Oh I should go to these top schools.’"
Are you a college student ranging from ages 20-23 suffering from severe lack of motivation, excessive sweatpants and sweatshirt use, repeated absences, and anxiety?
Introduce yourself to people, go to your famous professor's office hours, speak up at club meetings, nerd out and go to all the talks that seem interesting. After all, fortune favors the bold.
Physically your body is on campus, but emotionally you're connected to friends, family, long distance partners, and strangers off campus. Use technology to meet new people on campus, not to hide from them.
I know, I know; many people say that resumes for high school students are a waste of time. They are wrong. The way I have students use them, activities resumes are a critical part of the admissions process. Let me tell you how and why.
Sister, you do you in college. Won't that be great?
Oh, bright-eyed college freshman, how much you have to learn.