college affordability

By Delece Smith-Barrow, The Hechinger Report WASHINGTON — A bill proposed by Republicans in the House of Representatives
A new study by The Equality of Opportunity Project sheds valuable light on this question: Which colleges in America contribute
Most students think they can afford any college. Most parents know they can't.
The inability to manage student loan repayment along with other financial obligations (i.e., housing, food, utilities, transportation
The politicization of the student loan program is only hurting disadvantaged students further. It is preventing healthy discussions on how to fix the perverse incentives built into the program, or how to better design programs that actually increase access, diversity, and affordability.
The Republican proposal, if enacted, would undoubtedly have an impact on the college access and success of students from
Our Board of Trustees has already altered the dynamic between the Board and the Administration in a host of areas: heightened
When my daughter was accepted as one of the 1,700 students among 32,000 who applied to attend Duke University, my husband
The most powerful influence on a teenager is another teenager. Our shared experiences give us perspective and help us believe in ourselves and overcome any obstacles.
If you have no interest in diving deep into these policies, reading the research and understand the dynamics as best you can -- which is totally fine, it's not for everyone -- then you probably shouldn't be passionately fighting for that policy in the first place, and definitely should not be personally attacking those who disagree.