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The Federal Bureau of Investigation is charging nearly 50 people for participating in a nationwide bribery ring that U.S. attorney Andrew Lelling called the “largest college admission scam ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice.”
She also won more than $4.5 million in merit-based scholarships.
Don't be mistaken; admissions officers are still looking closely into "Why Us?" essays and considering responses from interview
A majority of Top 50 Admitted students will tell you-- they didn't all have a quirky singular interest or life altering crisis
You only thought life was insane before this!
Whether you are religious or not, it would be difficult to deny the impressive academics that certain religiously-affiliated
Here's the thing -- colleges know just as well as you do that intelligent and active applicants are all over the place. The
Perhaps the most important piece of advice is this: don't treat safety schools like safety schools. Demonstrate interest
Tell us about yourself. Discuss an issue about which you are passionate. Explain why you want to attend our university. Talk about a time you overcame a challenge. Discuss your favorite academic subject.
You find that most schools like to ask for an explanation of why you are interested in attending their school. Were you thinking about that essay when you began narrowing down your list of schools to which you were going to apply? You should have been if you want to improve your chances of admission.