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“For me, it’s important to highlight that I’m not the only student of color who is achieving,” 17-year-old Micheal Brown said.
An NYU application reader shares her top tips for writing the perfect college essay.
"De--cem--ber 29th." "That's a perfect reason to use topic of your choice, which Common App has reinstitued as an essay option
There are a few things I did that went beyond good grades and good SAT scores that I think gave me an advantage when I applied
If you are a high school junior, you are down to the final months to impress your colleges before applications go live next
The guidelines below will help you write an essay that you're proud of and that will likely turn some heads in the admissions
College Testing's Value Questioned Bleak reports of overseas security issues with college tests, combined with incredibly
Greg Kaplan is a college application strategist, author of Earning Admission: Real Strategies for Getting into Highly Selective
4. Triple-check all submission directions This may seem simple, but you should ensure that you follow all submission directions
'Tis the season! While that statement inevitably makes many people think of holiday lights, or dreidels and menorahs, and gift buying, for thousands of high school seniors and their parents, December is the advent of college application deadlines.