college athletics

Players from PAC-12 schools said they will sit out the upcoming football season unless the conference meets their health and racial justice demands.
One of the proposals by the Democratic presidential candidate could shatter the NCAA’s “amateur” model.
The NCAA opposed the Fair Pay to Play Act, which is set to take effect on Jan. 1, 2023.
It's the third time this year the president has welcomed star athletes to the White House with greasy grub.
NCAA Division 1 schools alone generated at least $9.15 billion in revenue during fiscal 2015. Coaches make millions.
As the Final Four begins, the question is no longer whether college sports "amateurism" will die. It’s when and how it finally will.
Only in the asinine world of college sports could paying talented, marketable athletes be damaging to anyone.
The Indiana State University football player rose to national prominence after opening up about his sexuality in a heartfelt 2017 speech.
College basketball -- played by (honest) professionals. Just like the olden days.
We’re expected to believe these elite athletes are just regular students who play sports in their spare time.