college binge drinking

The find-a-friend feature has particular resonance given to the app's origins at UVA, where student Hannah Graham, 18, disappeared
UI attributes its success in combating heavy drinking to campus-community partnerships, as well as its record of working
I'm writing this article because I think colleges lack a support system for students who don't want to drink -- or just don't want to drink too much.
Freshman drinking has proved a tough issue for college administrators to tackle. Despite prevention and education programs
A report from Sept. 27, 10:50 p.m. at a campus parking lot, reads: Kyaw's brother, a senior at USC, posted on Facebook about
College women are drinking more alcohol than is good for them -- and they are doing it more often than their male counterparts
How can this be when we know that binge drinking is associated with myriad problems such as unplanned pregnancy and blackouts
The study followed the drinking habits of 208 unmarried, heterosexual couples in their 20s (at least one partner in each
All available police patrols in Fort Collins were called to the scene to respond to the out of control party, The Coloradoan