college board

The College Board announced it was refusing to change the content of its psychology course for the state’s Department of Education.
The College Board’s statement follows a separate monthslong debacle with the DeSantis administration on AP course content.
Critics have said the agency bowed to political pressure and removed several topics from the framework, including Black Lives Matter, slavery reparations and queer life.
“I think every kid, in every zip code, in every state should have access to every education opportunity possible,” the president tweeted.
As Gov. Ron DeSantis demonstrated in Florida, the influence toxic conservative politics has over public education is getting a little too real.
The board said its failure to not immediately denounce Gov. Ron DeSantis for his vocal rejection of the new course "betrayed Black scholars everywhere."
On the first day of Black History Month, the board released a curriculum for the new course excluding many of the topics that originally angered conservatives.
The new, shorter test will be administered entirely via laptop or tablet.
Heather Mac Donald said it was up to "Black culture and the rest of culture" to close the academic achievement gap.
The College Board will instead use a tool that assesses various socioeconomic factors and documents them as separate data points.