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Heather Mac Donald said it was up to "Black culture and the rest of culture" to close the academic achievement gap.
The College Board will instead use a tool that assesses various socioeconomic factors and documents them as separate data points.
The number will be based on 15 factors, including crime rate and poverty levels in the student's home neighborhood.
Standardized testing services are accusing students of cheating, with no proof and no due process.
"They're saying I improved basically too much," the Florida high school senior said.
An indifferent world cares little about the hard work of impoverished young people.
Whether XL sheets fit the dorm bed isn't actually important.
Welcome to Money Diaries, where we’re tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We’re asking
By Sara Swann With the end of summer fast approaching comes another year of rising college tuition costs and looming student
How in the name of anything does the SAT encourage lifelong learning?
Critics say this won't change much for those who need help the most.
The decades-long fight over school choice pits two well-worn arguments: “Students, and by extension our economy, are suffering
Reuters has been releasing articles related to the newly-designed SAT ever since someone anonymously sent over 400 SAT questions
On August 26, 2016, Reuters reported that the FBI raided the home of former College Board exec Manuel Alfaro, in connection