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This text message, allegedly sent from a guy who is laying down rules while his girlfriend is away at college, went viral
Dating apps make the opportunities for on-campus romance even more endless, and Armstrong State University student Kebin
The dating app Hinge has figured out which universities are the "most desirable." Like the similar dating app Tinder, Hinge
You feel like someone's just punched you in the gut. You feel your heart drop. Tears begin to well up in your eyes as they walk away for the last time. It's done. You're finished. Your relationship has ended.
At the tender age of 19 my hormones were raging -- but they had been since I was 13. Through a combination of chance, luck or serendipity I suddenly found myself faced with the opportunity of dating a woman I found incredibly physically appealing. Her personality -- so-so! We dated for about two months. The word ambivalent doesn't begin to describe the experience.
Being a normal college kid that likes to go to bars and parties, I'm pretty well versed in grinding culture. But there are still some things that I fundamentally don't understand about it.
Thinking to myself the other day, I unfortunately realized a sad truth in my life: I simply feel more comfortable, more at ease, more self-confident in bed with a girl than asking a girl out on a date.
Science aside, my husband and I both agree that the year and a half of long distance did the most to strengthen our relationship. When we had to work for it (Skype, email, video messages, etc), we treasured what the other person said more.
See those kids sitting in the library, mindlessly swiping their thumbs across their smartphones? Flipping through Facebook albums? Nope. Studying electronic flashcards for their next psych test? You're kidding right?
What I mean is that on Valentine's Day, you can't go off of love or casual crushing alone. These days, you'd better have something prepared. There's plenty of fish in the sea for college dating, but don't let the pressure swallow you up.
"One of my brothers hit it off with one of my best friends," Buffone said. "It wasn't necessarily weird. I love both of them
Marriage is for adults, and it is immature for me to decide when other people are ready to take the next step in their lives. No one should be limited to any role they fulfill, whether it's friend, daughter, wife, or mother.
If you are looking for something fun to do with that special someone while not being out a months worth of rent, I have got just the suggestions for you. Read on for some unique (and cheap) date ideas for college students.
News headlines and social media would have us believe that misogyny is the rule, rather than the exception.
College should be the easiest place to meet potential partners. So why are all these college students searching for boyfriends or girlfriends on their phone instead of in the library or cafeteria or at the local bar?
This list works wonders for me, but I can't guarantee it will do the same for you simply because you are not me. However, just slightly tweak the questions to better reveal the desired characteristics you're looking for. I'm supplying you with the bones, you must learn to jump them, so to speak.
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