college drinking

Turner can only hope to reduce public animosity toward him if he makes an unqualified public confession in order to join the national conversation on sexual assault. He should also invite others, such as Brian Banks, to openly discuss the long, unequal treatment of sexual assault on campus.
Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a perfectly scripted conversation when it comes to college drinking. A lot of students will choose to drink alcohol at some point during their first year. That's the reality.
Today is my 21st birthday, a day I have been looking forward to for quite some time now. Due to an event that happened about six months ago, I will not be taking birthday shots and getting wasted tonight.
These people, my classmates, are some of the most ridiculously talented people I have ever met--and I mean ridiculously talented. And it seems they almost always have something in common: drinking.
We must continue to try to change college culture in such a way that sexual abuse as well as alcohol abuse is not tolerated. Drinking age laws need to be enforced, alternative social activities that do not include alcohol need to be encouraged and supported, and working to make alcohol abuse socially unacceptable is needed.
Apparently, people wanted to send him mac and cheese.