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To put that in context, a family in that bracket makes less than $34,000 per year - meaning that even after their expected
Reporting in CNN Money, Heather Long notes that college enrollments have been dropping since 2010. By the fall of 2014, they were more than 800,000 fewer students than in 2010.
The latest Open Doors data indicates yet another year of growth in international student enrollment. Between 2009 and 2014, the number of international students has increased by 41 per cent to reach a total of 974,926.
8.6 percent more low-income students enrolled after receiving the texts.
But what do we do with Anthropology, Linguistics or Law? How do we account for their humanistic content and approaches? And how about emerging fields like Humanistic Engineering, Medical Humanities, Environmental Humanities?
The changes we are seeing taking hold in every type of community provide evidence that investing in innovation pays off when the commitment includes adequate time, and sufficient training and coaching.
America's college students have become less religious, more stressed and overwhelmingly in favor of marriage equality over
Students from high-poverty public schools are less likely to attend college than those from wealthier ones, regardless of
It used to be the difference between a thick envelope and a thin envelope. That was how you could tell if you were college-bound. Times have changed.
It is my belief that community colleges are the answer to the labor crisis in this country. Colleges that don't make tough decisions are in fact contributing to this country's economic crisis as their students enthusiastically walk across the stage in their cap and gown only to eventually become a jobless statistic.
These days, you're only as good as your next freshman class. Dr. Scott D. Miller is president of Bethany College and M.M
Isn't it the duty of higher education leadership to prepare for demographic shifts by breaking out of admission practices and patterns before consumers vote with their feet and look elsewhere?
Despite the resistance it is clear that as we move forward, quality and innovation will need to be achieved through redeployment of existing resources, restructuring the ways we deliver our programs and administrative services, and collaborations.
How did we end up celebrating when so many other institutions are cutting back? When headlines and the government proclaim that our non-MOOC business model -- students living on campus and interacting with professors and peers in liberal arts classrooms with low faculty-student ratios -- is broken?
Sept 3 (Reuters) - Enrollment by Hispanics in U.S. colleges rose 15 percent from 2011 to 2012 even as the overall college
The report was based on data collected from 95 percent of the nation’s Title IV colleges and universities. (Title IV allows
Millions of high school seniors are beginning to receive college acceptance letters, but data surrounding students' performance once they get to college should dampen the elation.
Despite everything that has happened in the economy, college still holds a strong attraction for most of today's young adults. There could be many possible reasons for this continued interest in education.
Student access continues as a high priority in American higher education. But it now has a twin goal: student success.