College Football

The "Fox & Friends" personality linked the world's woes with Harris flipping a coin for the kickoff of a game featuring her alma mater, Howard University.
"We wish the cat the best in his remaining eight lives," said a tweet from Miami's Hard Rock Stadium.
Iowa State fans hadn't forgotten the actor's remarks on how little he bathes.
"All hail the new king of Caucasia!” the "Late Show" host joked.
The Jackson State football coach, a Hall of Fame retired pro, griped that the journalist was being "cute."
Officials for the College Football Playoff and the Tournament of Roses said the game will be moved to Texas, where groups of spectators will be allowed.
The Vanderbilt kicker was the first woman to play and score in a Power Five conference game.
Fuller made college football history — again — when she kicked an extra point for Vanderbilt.
"I have no evidence of that," the football analyst said of his accusation against the University of Michigan team. "It was completely unfair."