College Football

“This decision is in line with the Athletic Department’s mission,” a school statement said.
The president plans to celebrate Clemson's national championship by serving the team food from McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King.
Freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence made three touchdown passes for the Tigers.
The Oklahoma Sooners quarterback said his language “doesn’t reflect who I am or what I believe.”
We must overcome our ingrained belief that being a coach is the same as being a good person.
“It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. It matters if you know your stuff.”
Callie Brownson is tired of qualified women being turned away from their dream jobs, just because they are women.
"Hmmm 🤔 Should we do the right thing & tell him this is probably not a compliment? NAW."
Hundreds of former players seek compensation for the health issues we now face.
Principal tries to force star boys football and basketball player to compete against girls.
Pederson put his foot on the gas when the season started and never let up.
Foles outdueled Tom Brady in one of the wildest Super Bowls ever.
Acceptance would await someone like Ryan O’Callaghan coming out today, players say.
Let’s not politicize the health of youth athletes and the human brain.
A bombshell ESPN article raises questions about how the two men responded to sexual assault complaints involving their teams.
Hilinski was widely expected to be the starter heading into the 2018 season.
The Crimson Tide defeated the Georgia Bulldogs, 26-23, in overtime.
The president made the national anthem his political prop in a venue where athletes had little choice but to "stick to sports."
The president has focused on the anthem, attacking professional athletes who kneel in protest during the song.