College Football

The assistant coach is accused of killing a man in Arizona in 2017.
"There was a dead man on the television set, but nobody knew it," the player wrote in a moving essay.
The Bulldogs hadn't won a national title since freshman Herschel Walker led them there in 1980.
"Craigslist not good enough for you?" one fan cracked at Wyoming's Craig Bohl.
The Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl football game is real and the host gave it the weird creature it deserves.
Kelly suddenly left the playoff-contending Fighting Irish for LSU.
Jared Casey had never played an offensive snap for Kansas until a recent Texas game. One moment changed everything.
The crafty creature looked right at home during the Trojans-Sun Devils game.
The "Fox & Friends" personality linked the world's woes with Harris flipping a coin for the kickoff of a game featuring her alma mater, Howard University.
"We wish the cat the best in his remaining eight lives," said a tweet from Miami's Hard Rock Stadium.