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There will be bad bosses -- male and female. There will also be good bosses -- male and female. College graduates considering choosing a boss based on perception only serves to reinforce certain stereotypes.
Full Segment:A new report says nearly half of the nation’s recent college graduates work jobs that don’t require a degree, a stark contradiction to Obama's education platform.
The last year on a college campus can be the most memorable for students, but it can also be the most challenging in terms of juggling all of your academic and personal activities.
The widespread recent attacks on the value of a college education -- notwithstanding a mountain of evidence showing neither employment nor earnings are equally distributed amongst those of all educational levels -- leave out an important consideration.
As college students, we spent four years reaping the freedoms of young adulthood without being occupied by financial stress or parental responsibilities. Now we must start paying for rent, food and transportation.
Maybe the days of budget backpacking are over, which is too bad. But there are still tables to wait and floors to sleep on. And it's worth it.