College Life

She thinks that she shall never see a day she's not dressed as a tree.
One wintry night a chilling scream from somewhere deep in the dorm. The Ant has had enough. Enough of Wheat Chex and scrunched
Maybe I’m just not meant to go to college, I remember thinking, in tears.
At first, college can be very scary. It’s normal to be overwhelmed.
Student: But how could you even bear living if there weren't an afterlife? Life wouldn't have any meaning or purpose since
Student: I'd be much more curious about things, too. I'd figure, it was now or never. I wouldn't waste time sitting around
Safety measures must always be taken even in the most secure of environments.
Major 🔑 alert: Know the magic of leaving your dorm door open.
Studying can be a huge part of most anyone's life. Whether you are a student, new employee, or taking a class for training, you know that studying is important. Don't waste your time by cramming it all in during one all-nighter, because you will only hurt yourself in the long run.
Freshman year of college is supposedly comprised of endless trips to the dining halls, red Solo cups, and learning why 8
Although these are some of the best times of your life, they are also some of the hardest. It's hard trying to figure out who you are, and how you're going to pay rent in the same thought. We all know the feelings, and we can all admit that the struggle is real in your early twenties.
I dread the question: "So, what are you going to do next?" I'm ashamed to say that I have no idea.
It has finally happened. You are adrift. A raft of badly lashed-together memories and a few fairly buoyant facts: That watercraft is you. But thanks to an article in The Brown Daily Herald, the Ivy League university's student paper, you are listing badly. You are at sea.
When you enter a liberal arts living space, the people you spend your time with will help you become a well-rounded student and individual. They demonstrate every day how valuable differing perspectives are to your academic and social experience at college.
According to a 2014 Bloomberg editorial: According to Cornell former President David Skorton, "At Cornell, high-risk drinking