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By: Andy Kryza The 14 Best College Dining Halls in America But that doesn't mean there isn't room for others. Some of the
That's why women have such an easy time getting into frat parties, bars, or clubs: we are thought of as being there for consumption.
McCarroll pointed to Leath's statement noting that work with student groups will take some time. Since VEISHEA was officially
I grew up thinking college was the most fun four years of your life. What I realized is that everyone has a different definition of fun. I had to accept that I'm not the girl who goes out every night. I'm the girl who would rather study film and intern during the week than go out. And once I did that, I was actually happy for the first time in my life.
Joe Williams of The St Louis Post Dispatch says: "It's a party where we want to stay, until we're dragged out kicking and
In the long term, the goal of Cayuga's Watchers is to teach students to step in when they see dangerous situations, not just when they're on the job.
By the time the end of December rolls around, everyone is already tired of Christmas parties. However, in the middle of the summer, they're sure to feel different.
An October 2013 riot at Western Washington University in Bellingham involving about 500 partiers took police 45 minutes to
Being a normal college kid that likes to go to bars and parties, I'm pretty well versed in grinding culture. But there are still some things that I fundamentally don't understand about it.
Late one weekend night six or seven years ago, local police rushed to the Saint Michael’s College campus in Vermont to check
Ernest Owens, a student at Penn, wrote a blog post in response to the offensive party, after one of Penn's Chi Omega members
Cal Poly Party Registration Policy The policy may sound extreme to some not affiliated with Greek life, however, parts of
Under the advisement of professor John Bush, Lisa Burton, and colleague Dr. Nadia Cheng began designing small "boats" to
If Rob Riggle is around, you better not drop that beer. Losing the handle on your drink is just one of the three major party
From faking an Australian accent to asking a girl if she’s found your library card, we’ve heard every pick-up line under
Earlier in October, a student at Prairie View A&M University was told she may be punished for her nude frolicking in a fountain
It's been a crazy week on college campuses. Classes started for many universities either the last week of August or just