college parties

Reed College Portland, OR Reed's a liberal arts college plopped in the middle of SE Portland, but this isn't your average
This is when you need a red Solo cup emoji.
That's why women have such an easy time getting into frat parties, bars, or clubs: we are thought of as being there for consumption.
Partygoers don baggy pants, throw on their finest grills and even paint their skin a dark hue in pursuit of a good time and
McCarroll pointed to Leath's statement noting that work with student groups will take some time. Other Facebook groups and
I grew up thinking college was the most fun four years of your life. What I realized is that everyone has a different definition of fun. I had to accept that I'm not the girl who goes out every night. I'm the girl who would rather study film and intern during the week than go out. And once I did that, I was actually happy for the first time in my life.
So I went to see Neighbors. The premise of film plays upon a fundamental fear of middle class social life in America--the
In the long term, the goal of Cayuga's Watchers is to teach students to step in when they see dangerous situations, not just when they're on the job.
By the time the end of December rolls around, everyone is already tired of Christmas parties. However, in the middle of the summer, they're sure to feel different.
Iowa State University canceled most of its annual VEISHEA celebration this month after students rioted , flipping cars, tearing