college partying

For student-athletes, balancing partying, homework, and sleep can be a struggle.
"Recovery has enabled me to go to UT," said Nunn, who recently earned her master's degree. "Without recovery, I would never
Students involved in the Take Back the Night march who made allegations against the fraternity didn't return requests for
In case you forgot that everyone in ASU likes to party, check out these policemen taking a celebrity shot in a game of beer
"Calling the dance Sex Power God was a liberationist act, a f*** you to those who thought sex, power or god belonged to them
If you think you have some solid beer pong skills, you ain't seen nothing yet. We compiled some of the best footage of amazing
I do not claim to be the voice of all sober people, but I think many would appreciate having their choice not to drink be accepted for what it is. And even if their choice has something to do with their religion or moral conviction.
UI attributes its success in combating heavy drinking to campus-community partnerships, as well as its record of working
Dor colleges that live and breathe that sense of pride, tailgating isn't just a casual endeavor. It is an art form.
Iowa State University students have rioted during VEISHEA for the last time. Leath said at a press conference the university
Does your workday feel like a walk on the beach? Rich Amundson's didn't, so he sailed his way into a new career. In 2009, Rich founded Dicks Cottons, a sunglasses company with fashionable, affordable, shades for party-ready Millennials.
I grew up thinking college was the most fun four years of your life. What I realized is that everyone has a different definition of fun. I had to accept that I'm not the girl who goes out every night. I'm the girl who would rather study film and intern during the week than go out. And once I did that, I was actually happy for the first time in my life.
That might happen more than you think. It sure happens often enough for us to have compiled an amazing gallery of the best
It has been well-documented how disgusting beer pong balls can get. But now, there is a new solution. Dobush's clever invention
Students at Iowa State University rioted Tuesday night for no apparent reason. According to KCCI, several people were injured
"People have shifted from pills to the more direct form of heroin, really chasing the high," Schwartz said. Lindsey Dulian
Notable examples of activism on campus included the Berkeley Free Speech movement and the Columbia University occupation
Lest concerned parents worry that their Cal students are going nuts on the weekend, the Tang Center, UC Berkeley's campus