College Prep

An NYU application reader shares her top tips for writing the perfect college essay.
With the two Persian invasions of Darius and Xerxes, the Greeks didn't say, "This cannot be happening!" They had to face
Certainty closes the minds of those convinced that they already possess the truth. These individuals may even feel sorry
Civilization means more than comfort, convenience, and material goods. These have to do with the physical. A soulless culture
This is the kind of education that schools and teachers want to give you as students, but which government refuses to allow
Should artists and writers be political? Should they serve the interests of the haves or have-nots, or should they be apolitical
As much as you will enjoy the freedom that college life can bring, you may very well hit the wall of freedom overload.
Q. But isn't it better to have only one view and avoid error and discord? "A philosophy or theology that purports to make
Follow Greg Kaplan on Twitter In the face of skyrocketing competition, your child should use changes to the college admission
The Greeks were a very self-critical people and wouldn't want us to make them our gods, our idols, or authority figures, but
Maybe I’m just not meant to go to college, I remember thinking, in tears.
Not Seeking Closure on Questions Seniors bring to discussions an ability to wait quietly until each student is finished and
Why Grades Matter There are a number of things that colleges are looking for when admitting students, and those needs or
Student: It's kind of creepy when you think about it -- having someone invisible right in your home and eavesdropping on
Student: But how could you even bear living if there weren't an afterlife? Life wouldn't have any meaning or purpose since
It's that time of year; leaves turn brown, coffee shops reek of pumpkin spice, and college application deadlines loom over students' heads. Like most people, procrastination hits hard, where all dreaded tasks are put off until the last possible second.
Student: I'd be much more curious about things, too. I'd figure, it was now or never. I wouldn't waste time sitting around
Does the speaker appeal to evidence or emotion? Is the choice of words manipulative by describing the issues in emotional