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America's Deaf community is 30 million strong. We need more of them leading, especially in the workplace.
Only 40 years later, we've all gotten used to universities with rocketing tuition, record levels of student loan debt (at
In any pool, the best candidate on paper, following the interview process and after an analysis of what an institution needs
Rogers found that "you have to be engaged for the long term," not simply show up. The field of democratic engagement and conflict resolution has crucial insights, like finding common interests and the craft of negotiation.
book cover: Practical Leadership in Community Colleges A new book by George Boggs and Christine Johnson McPhail, Practical
America is in great need of leaders who rise above everyday routines and bitter controversies to become stewards of democracy. I have come to believe presidents, among others, can take on this role.
Much of what Donald Trump says is the antithesis of everything we stand for as institutions.
Most have nothing to say about the man being nominated for president in their city.
As a college president - and a college parent - I have a dual familiarity with the college search and admissions process