college rape

Yes, blacking out is a sign of an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, but when drinking heavily we ask for a hangover, a sleepless night, or a lost purse. We don't ask for our bodies to be violated by men who think it's okay to commit a crime.
Let's make sure we tell our sons, our brothers, our nephews, and our friends --  there is no excuse, there is no passive voice, there is no space for your suffering when you take away someone's dignity and violate someone's body.
The investigation lasted nearly a year.
People who work with sexual assault victims slam the proposal as "colossally stupid legislation."
The former NFL players say "locker room culture" and a troublesome definition of masculinity are part of the problem.
The old paradigm of having a talk with our daughters -- which of course we should continue to do -- is not a solution to this epidemic. Not to overstate the obvious; but college women aren't doing the raping!