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In January 2014, The Atlantic published an article about what it is like to be the first member of the family to go to college
While my heart remains broken, I want to share what I've learned from the front lines of the greatest battle of my life. These lessons haven't healed me completely, but they have helped. And I hope they help other people who, God forbid, have to fight through tragic loss.
Once you and your daughter zero in on possible scholarships, it pays to be diligent. Every scholarship will have its own
Set up office time to chat with the professor about the class, your goals, and your intention of applying for scholarships
As an advisor, I can forward on every scholarship opportunity in the world and encourage my students to apply for any program they find, but with increasing competition and even higher expectations, it is very difficult to rely on "winning" scholarship money or qualifying for grants amongst a field of so many other competitive applicants.
The topic of concussions continue to hover throughout the sports community in high school, college and professional sports
They need to approach financial aid with a business sense and lose the emotionalism.
THE NEW SAT (It Will Start On March 2016): There is a 1/4 of point deducted from each incorrect question, while the blank
College is a serious step in your child's life, and whether you believe it or not, it's pretty complicated -- much more so than it was just 20 years ago. I wish I had been more familiar with the ins and outs of the college process when my children went to college. Things were different then, and certainly not as complex as they are today.
MaryAnn Uribe, 48, has been through a lot, including a murder plot.
The bill would have canceled scholarships for athletes who boycott games.
In August, we kicked off State of the Girl, a new series dedicated to uncovering the biggest challenges facing young women
The cost of college is not declining. And with the constant reminder that student loan debt is getting out of hand, parents and students are trying to find ways to make higher education more affordable. Even so, some families may not even realize that they are voluntarily increasing their expenses.
The Baldwin Promise has caused a surge in college enrollment numbers.
If you know where to look, there's quite a bit of financial assistance out there that can help working baby boomers and retirees go back to school. Here are some steps to take that can help you find it.
Today, many qualified students with demonstrated financial need are receiving inadequate aid packages from colleges. The term "admit-deny" even exists for schools that intentionally offer insufficient aid to students with need, with the expectation that they will not enroll.