I personally know three rapists -- one of them being my own -- all recent graduates of the University of Michigan. I personally know a dozen survivors, and this is just a matter of people who have chosen to confide in me.
Lady Gaga and Vice President Joe Biden, you gave me hope at the Oscars. Thank you. When I turned off the television, I felt real hope that we really can reduce sexual assault and violence on campuses and in our communities.
Despite a new university policy barring graduates from carrying "large objects" at the ceremony, Columbia officials permitted
"The Department’s Office for Civil Rights continues to look for ways to make its enforcement work more transparent –- from
Lhamon said that her office's increased workload is partly of its own making. "We knew when we issued the guidance we did
When the Education Department first unveiled the list of schools under investigation on May 1, 2014, it was reviewing 55
Kansas State University said its investigation was due to a complaint, and that for privacy reasons, it wouldn't comment
The U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights began disclosing all colleges under review for their handling
The recent White House Task Force report on campus sexual assaults recommends that colleges and universities consider using a "single investigator" model to improve campus sexual assault investigations. How might such a model work?
"We believe we have a comprehensive system in place to support students who need help when they are facing situations that
The investigations will determine how institutions handle sexual misconduct on campus, and whether they may have violated
Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter The "price of a college education should not include a one-in-five chance of being
The Clery Compliance Team at the Education Department currently has fewer than a dozen staff members, the senators' offices