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Last week, I dropped my youngest daughter off to college and still felt that familiar pang in my heart.  The year before
That starts with students beginning the academic year ready to act on what matters most for their own learning. Analyzing
If you have a kitchen, cook! If you're staying for an extended period of time, you might have a kitchen available to you
When it comes to deciding your career, don't be afraid to think big! Almost every college student has a similar amount of career experience, give or take an internship or two. That is to say, not that much.
Lee's sentiment about being yourself is something everyone should keep in mind. Straining yourself to be somebody you are not creates immense amounts of unneeded stress. This is especially true for college students pursuing their careers.
The moment I saw this video, my heart dropped, and I felt absolutely horrible. Embarrassment, shame, and utter sadness swept through me. I just couldn't understand why someone would take the time to make me feel bad about a machine that I need to help me get around.
Whatever the case may be, my point is that prayer does not always give us the quick answer we want it to. As a human being
In high school, it was very clear of what to do to get to college. You get good grades. In college, it was very clear of what to do to get a job offer. You get good grades, internships and leadership positions in extracurricular activities. But what about pursuing a career that is fulfilling?
Valerie Jarrett discusses how to combat the “epidemic” of campus rape.
Our HuffPost Community discusses how the media plays into the prevention of campus assault.
The Slovakian capital boasts wonderfully preserved medieval architecture and contemporary buildings alongside remnants of its communist past.
Before your child leaves for college, you still have a few months of one-on-one time with him. Make the most of these months before the nest is empty by giving your child the information and support he needs to confidently spread his wings in college.
"For me and my family, for her to take this one step graduating, it fills my heart," David Salgado, one of the 81-year-old's
Outside of our shared love for Eastern Kentucky University, Elizabeth and I came at the decision to do the gastric sleeve surgery from very different perspectives.
A British college student is going above and beyond to help a homeless man who offered her everything he had when she was in need.
Sean McLean’s first day of college at the University of Massachusetts Boston came on the heels of sobering news: the night before, he and his family were evicted from their home in Woburn, nine miles north of Boston.
Read a book that's not assigned, even though it can be a struggle to just read what was assigned, to take a mental break, find inspiration, or even remember feelings that you may have forgotten. So, curl up, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready to get lost in a good book.
The past few days reminded me that I live in a scary world. War is real. Refugees are real people with real day-to-day struggles that I can barely imagine. As a result, I put them aside, effectually dismissing the crisis as normal.
When University of Massachusetts Dartmouth senior Kerenne Paul crosses the stage in her cap and gown on Friday, May 16, the occasion will be a day of firsts for the 22-year-old formerly homeless undergraduate and her mentors at the non-profit organization, SOWMA.