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Yeezy's tweetstorm about the price of textbooks highlights a serious issue, and one that could be fixed.
Here's the catch: the big textbook publishers that are charging $200 a book don't want students to buy used textbooks -- it means less profit for them.
Broke and beleaguered college students sick of being gouged when buying textbooks need only to head on over to this Reddit
College students have long complained about the ridiculously high cost of textbooks. But irritation over price gouging is
STUDENTS can learn a lot about economics when they buy Greg Mankiw’s “Principles of Economics”—even if they don’t read it
[h/t College Candy] Warning that a couple of the photos may be considered NSFW. As college students around the country study
Legislation introduced in Congress in November would establish a grant program for colleges and universities to develop and
"This bill can replicate and build on this success and help make the cost of attending college more affordable," Durbin said
"Generally, you won't be able to find many free textbooks except for classic literature." Trying to fund your education? Get
Renting can be a much cheaper option, saving students between 45 to 66 percent of the price of a new print textbook, according