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Yeezy's tweetstorm about the price of textbooks highlights a serious issue, and one that could be fixed.
Here's the catch: the big textbook publishers that are charging $200 a book don't want students to buy used textbooks -- it means less profit for them.
Broke and beleaguered college students sick of being gouged when buying textbooks need only to head on over to this Reddit
College students have long complained about the ridiculously high cost of textbooks. But irritation over price gouging is
STUDENTS can learn a lot about economics when they buy Greg Mankiw’s “Principles of Economics”—even if they don’t read it
As college students around the country study for exams procrastinate, some turned to a Reddit thread this week to share some
The U.S. Public Interest Research Group, a progressive research and advocacy organization, found in a survey that 65 percent
Durbin cited the success of a $150,000 grant to the University of Illinois for its Open Source Textbook Initiative. Thanks
There is a catch, though. To use the Kindle library, students need to own the namesake e-reader. They also need to subscribe
And, when the majority of students return for the fall semester, 97 percent of the roughly 3,600 textbooks that the CU Bookstore
Some of these textbooks have such a long lifespan, it is impossible for them to remain objective and completely correct for decades, which makes finding errors today an easy task.
Other moves by the textbook industry, such as issuing new editions, also drive up the cost according to a 2011 survey from
There simply is no supportable argument to not make academic publications open access. It is simple and easy to do, and it requires minimal effort.
You will probably never get all the money you spent back on the books. But it doesn't have to be excruciating on your wallet. Be a smart student shopper and know your options!
It's just a textbook, but it packs quite a financial punch. "This book costs $187," she wrote. "That is more than $1/page
E-books and e-readers seem to be here to stay for better or worse. The nature of education in the years to come is going to be determined by my technologically-savvy students.
Publishers would have to provide less costly electronic versions of textbooks to students, and stores would have to buy back