college thesis

In the late 1700s there were about 427 free black men and 48 slaves living in Providence, the capital of Rhode Island. By 1825, Providence had 1,414 free black men and four slaves.
Peace is a transition point, because it calls you to action. You climb a mountain to find peace in the view from the top, only to descend and keep walking in order to share that view with others and help them see it too.
Refugee agency is often under-estimated, in no small part due to portrayals of refugees as apolitical entities who exist outside the realm of social membership.
The social web has become integrated into our everyday lives, and our lives are increasingly reflected on it. Perhaps unsurprisingly, academic researchers have seized on this unique opportunity to study people on a massive scale.
Tight junctions (TJs) are crucial to both the development and normal functioning of most organs.
I wanted to know why the vast majority of Americans die in a hospital or nursing facility instead of at home, why so many patients near death opt for aggressive treatment rather than palliative care.
On Sept. 17, 2011, the world watched as thousands of protesters gathered in New York City to collectively challenge the power of the global elite. "We are the 99 percent!" they chanted in both defiance and hope.
I first became interested in street art and graffiti writing as I wandered through the streets of Medellín, Colombia, during the summer of 2010.
Throughout the history of the Christian tradition, the religious landscape has been littered with ideas of sacrifice, the fruition of these sacrifices, and the role of the human being within the execution of them.
Plants live a sedentary life (in case you forgot) but that doesn't mean they live a boring one. In order for plants to survive they must be constantly responding to the environment around them.
Although I had never considered myself an activist, my work in my American Sign Language class inspired me to learn more about the world of disabilities.
In eastern Kentucky, many children lack the tools to escape the depths of poverty due to the struggling educational structures in place.
While some criticize unpaid internships as disenfranchising to the poor who are often unable to afford the luxury of working without pay, it provides work experience and eases student entry into the labor market.
Homelessness is a process of marginalization and de-legitimization that extends beyond a loss of housing.
Media content, tone, and the framing of immigration also influences public perceptions and play a role in the definition of immigration as a "social problem."
This is a constructive study based on thematic analysis. It is not a comparison of world religions; it is research into a universal human quest.
The question of China's economic growth in the coming years is more relevant now perhaps than ever before, as growth in the mature economies of the world has been slow to re-establish itself after the financial crisis of 2008-2009.
This contradictory reality -- that the sovereign state is both the best provider of and the worst violator of human rights -- means that human rights institutions are dependent on state stability.