college tips

Some scholarships don't even ask for your GPA.
Safety measures must always be taken even in the most secure of environments.
This is likely to be a stressful day, so the calmer and more patient you can be, the better for all.
Whether it is five minutes or an hour, do something for yourself every day. Personally I start the day with some me time. I get in a solid 30 minute workout, catch up with my social feeds and then relax a bit before starting my day. Start putting yourself first and you will notice the difference it makes.
Even after saving for years, applying for scholarships, and financial aid, with the rising cost of tuition, room and board, electronic devices, there's always going to be a gap with what you have and what your kids need.
With back to school right around the corner, it is time to hit the stores and stock up on all of the essential back to school items. This is most likely your first time away from home, so you will need to be sure and stock up on the necessities. Here are 10 tips to help you make it to semester break without needing to steal your roommates stuff.
Those behind a recent survey about high education were interested in whether high school graduates felt they were ready for college. In my opinion, there are ways to fill those perceived "gaps" upon entering college, and many of them have absolutely nothing to do with grades.
As more millennials have entered the work force, the competition for the perfect job has become increasingly stiffer. Once an impressive addition on a resume, a college degree is no longer a meaningful differentiator.
We all dislike exams, and often times studying for them can be dreadful. But fear not, here are some effective study tips to help you ace your next exam!
Never feel pressured to do anything that you aren't comfortable with. You don't have to make up lies or excuses, you just have to be straightforward. The people who don't respect that don't deserve you.
Depending on how schools treat your home equity, your chances of getting financial aid could blow up while at other institutions
Iris Goldsztajn, a junior at the University of California, Los Angeles, says craft supplies were the number one thing on
Since you’re officially a college student now, you can also consider yourself officially broke. Okay, maybe not broke, but
1. Bicycle Pillow, $36 from Dormify. 5. Pinwheel of Fortune Duvet Dover/Sham Set, $39.99 from Dormify. 3. Arrow Wall Decal
1. What are you bringing for the room? Click here to read the rest of the article on Her Campus 4. Did you do any clubs or
Develop 38 pictures of your choice (there can be less or more, but this particular design requires 38). Arrange the pictures
Planner Planners are sooo middle school, right? Um, wrong. If you weren’t already planning on using some kind of planner