college tours

Only 40 years later, we've all gotten used to universities with rocketing tuition, record levels of student loan debt (at
After awhile, you will be able to spot them a mile away.
For many rising high school seniors, the summer between the 11th and 12th grades includes visits to a variety of colleges and universities to learn about options, see what fits, and decide where to apply.
After a while, all college tours seem the same. And these pesky people are always there.
Often built in as part of a family vacation, summer campus visits can give students a chance to see a college that's too far away to visit in the fall.
I've seen parents bring lists of questions and I've had students ad-lib things like "can I bring my snake if I come here?" I've even been shown test scores by curious parents trying to see if I think their kid will get in.
Like most of us, I tend to assume however subconsciously that institutions I have passed through remain more or less preserved in time as in my own memory. I was surprised to see how much has changed since I graduated in 1988.
College tours are exciting. It's a completely novel experience, being surrounded by an entirely new environment that could be your future home in the next year or two. You could be reading under that tree, waiting for that same type of omelette, snoring in that classroom (just kidding, I hope).
What other job lets you profess your undying love for your school on a daily basis?
10. Having to refuse tips even though you desperately need the money. 13. There are the really bad days, when you feel like