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Everyone knows that money plays a major role in students’ college enrollment decisions. How big a role? According to a recent
The administration’s proposal to keep Pell Grant levels flat is very troubling.
Cuomo's plan, called the Excelsior Scholarship, would provide free college tuition at New York's public two- and four-year
I'm also one of the 43 million graduates with student loans, and I've got more than the average of $37,172, according to
As the article suggests, one approach is to think big and move recruitment goals beyond the state's borders. Ms. Pappano
What college students and loan borrowers can do now Students seeking financial aid should fill out the Free Application for
This is a time of year when colleges lure alumni and parents back for homecoming and family weekends. In the midst of so
The price of a good education is more expensive than ever. Tuition costs for college are sky high, creating a heavy burden for students who aren't lucky enough to receive a full scholarship. Despite the high cost, a good education is still the best way to put a young person on the path towards a successfully future, making an expensive college education a necessary evil.
The cost of higher education has reached the point where the House Ways and Means Committee had hearings in September of 2016 about the uses of college endowments. During the hearing Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.), chairman of the Ways and Means Oversight committee, asked whether the tax code should be used to encourage people to donate money specifically for scholarships at universities.
As we argued, a determined state should examine the structure of personal taxation which could be levied for the country's
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What can be done to make college more affordable? How can students avoid having to take out so many loans?
Real student loan reform Besides this unfairness, a general student loan repayment amnesty would have a couple of other hazards
I did not jump for joy or do a pregnant cartwheel when I saw those two little dots on my ultrasound. If I'm being honest, I was scared. Very, very scared to be exact.
The student debt crisis is only a crisis because gullible parents are supporting spoilt brats, and allowing them to believe they are the chosen ones, when in fact, they are not.
If you're going to a public college, tuition is only one part of your financial worries.
Leave your kids alone. Let them explore college and let them make mistakes. They will learn from those mistakes and grow