cologne attacks

The attempt to suppress the news has likely created a boomerang effect that will provoke indignation on the part of the public, increase skepticism over the authorities' ability to effectively regulate the new waves of immigrants, and feed the flames of far-right movements.
The cartoon imagines the drowned 3-year-old as a grown-up sexual predator.
"Please do not have fear. We are here because we want to live in peace, not to harm or frighten anyone."
BERLIN -- The events in Cologne on New Year's Eve have turned the rhetoric in Germany on its head. Conceit and complacency have given way to searching self-doubt, as if waking up with a nasty hangover on New Year's Day.
Hundreds of criminal complaints, and police suspicion of asylum seekers, is causing concern.
"This is in the interests of the citizens of Germany, but also in the interests of the great majority of the refugees who are here."