Tennis greats, protests in Colombia and a volcanic eruption round out this week's most stunning images.
The wall crushed Carlos Orduz face-first into his desk.
Edward Niño Hernández of Colombia was first declared the shortest mobile male in 2010, only to lose the title to two others.
Jordan Goudreau and his Florida-based company, Silvercorp USA, helped train Venezuelan fighters in secret camps in Columbia.
Researchers said the creatures could be filling the biological role once played by extinct animals like giant llamas.
Hard work and sacrifice eventually afforded our family U.S. citizenship. But that path would have been blocked if not for our privilege.
We got blood panels, cardiograms and X-rays. No one thought to schedule evaluations with a psychologist.
“On my way to the happiest moment of my life!” Claudia López wrote on Twitter.
Claudia López's victory in Sunday's election is being hailed as a milestone for LGBTQ and women's rights.
Jolie, an actress and U.N. special envoy, praised the "strongest people in the world."