Our world can be a dark place, bu it is also full of heroes.
By registering hundreds to vote, PVD is hoping to transform the colonias and its south Texas community. Latino Decisions estimates that 61 percent of Hispanic Texans who are eligible to vote did not participate in the 2012 presidential election.
As Jason Bateman's new film, The Family Fang, shows, Bateman is a filmmaker with an edge and a vision. It was one of the better films I saw during a four-movie day Tuesday at the Toronto International Film Festival.
The reference to the border by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who recently used the term Third World as a descriptive of the region, offended those of us who love la frontera. The GOP candidate for governor, Abbott described the border as practically being destroyed by corruption, although there are no statistics to support his critique.
There's not much that gets us excited over here at HuffPost Travel quite like an abandoned place in some part of the world