Made with lowbrow sweetened condensed milk and processed white bread, this sandwich is a metaphor for how the reaching arms of colonialism stretch out to touch everything.
The first lady was criticized for wearing a pith helmet on her Africa trip that evoked the continent's colonial past.
"I'll need a colonizer outfit," one Twitter user imagined the first lady saying as she visited Kenya.
Native Hawaiians have always had a sacred connection with their land, but Westernization of the islands has threatened that bond.
The statue puts the country’s ugly colonial history on display.
Thirdly, the KWI-A and its scientists provide chilling illustrations of some significant writings on the colonial origins
Capitalism was the driving force behind the theft of American Indian lands in the Dakotas in Zitkala-Ša's time, and it is the driving force behind the violation of the sacred burial lands of the Sioux people today.
The rise of Asia No two countries reflect the ongoing turnaround in global fortunes more than the UK and India - one having
The emergence of a new global power has often profoundly shifted the geopolitical landscape and caused considerable discomfort
Eventually we [favored an independent Cyprus], but we didn't start off that way. I remember drawing up a plan myself that
A key to changing America's future is changing the narrative we tell ourselves about our shared past.
I remember Ahidjo telling me "What do we do now?" They created a bilingual state and a bilingual parliament and pretended
Context, particularly as it relates to power relationships, is a key factor in distinguishing borrowing from exploitative cultural appropriation. When patterns of borrowing fail to acknowledge their sources and compensate them, they can be categorized as cultural appropriation.
For all the innocent people who have lost their lives as a result of what may well have been Mateen's internalized homophobia turned outward, countless others lose their lives every day as a result of internalized homophobia and transphobia turned inward.
Early on the morning of May 13, 1857, the native regiment army in Lahore was summoned to the parade ground. They were positioned in a way that the European horse-artillery troop was behind them.
Instead of seeking justice for Harambe, or improving zoo policies or exhibit design, we should first ask what, precisely, are we conserving in zoos? In my view, we are perpetuating an outmoded worldview rooted in colonialism.
Under the Mughal rule, transgenders were called Khawjasaras, a designation of respect and dignity.
We, as organizations which have come together under the umbrella of the national struggle of the people of West Papua, that