Let’s be real: This feels like sweet, sweet revenge that descendants of the colonized never got.
Graduate students' decision to take down the photo of Queen Elizabeth drew outrage from some and cries of "cancel culture."
"The majority of the people who live in those lands are Black or Asian. So the queen is far from being a racist," said columnist Richard Mineards.
The move comes two months after Barbados announced plans to replace Queen Elizabeth as its head of state and move on from its colonial past.
King Philippe marked the 60th anniversary of Belgium ended its colonial rule in Congo, by expressing regret for “acts of violence and cruelty” his country inflicted on the citizens of the African country.
Made with lowbrow sweetened condensed milk and processed white bread, this sandwich is a metaphor for how the reaching arms of colonialism stretch out to touch everything.
The first lady was criticized for wearing a pith helmet on her Africa trip that evoked the continent's colonial past.
"I'll need a colonizer outfit," one Twitter user imagined the first lady saying as she visited Kenya.
Native Hawaiians have always had a sacred connection with their land, but Westernization of the islands has threatened that bond.
The statue puts the country’s ugly colonial history on display.