color blind

The condition often goes unnoticed in people who think they see things just like everyone else.
My tl;dr for this is that in the grand scheme of things, making a color choice between a green and brown is the kind of decision we make rarely enough that you can ask for help and it really isn't a big deal.
The product was originally intended to be laser safety eyewear for surgeons, but one of McPherson's friends who was colorblind
one night, while I was reading Go Dog, Go to Lindell, he pointed at the book and asked, "What is the orange dog doing?" There was no orange dog on the page.
When meritocracy dies, racism will die too, and we will have a far more beautiful world.
According to the online community We Are Colorblind, around 8% of the male population of the planet is color blind. That's
1.) If you have normal color vision you'll see a 74 above. Want an additional challenge? Scroll through the color discs below
Check out our attempt at using Etre's new tool above. If you don't notice a difference, you're not alone -- one in 12 men
Take the quiz here, and let us know your score in the comments section. Don't be shy! (We got a 6...) Since Pantone's official
5-year-old Jared shows his portrait of Sam to Ms. Madison. Jared is African-American. Ms. Madison is African-American. Sam is Caucasian. None of this should matter, right? Well, Jared drew Sam with "brown skin because that's how he looks to me." Sam is his friend, and that's that.