Color of Change

"When black people win, the history of this country has been that all of us win," the Color Of Change leader says.
The actor is also using the hashtag #VotingWhileBlack to tell black voters that they can make a difference on issues like police brutality and racial justice.
Aug. 9, 2018, marks the fourth anniversary of the unarmed black teenager's killing by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.
If they succeed, the liberal billionaire and political action committees could change how the law is enforced in America.
Progressives spent millions to challenge local prosecutors around the country who are maintaining the status quo.
Here's how to answer critics and angry fans in one sharp minute.
With the United States' voter registration rate among the lowest in the developed world, there's no doubt we need a National Voter Registration Day. But, if our country wants to work towards a goal of getting more Americans to vote, we also need a Voting Restoration Day.
The company has created a new policy after months of complaints from its black users.
Corporations are telling Republicans they're not so sure they'll pony up for the 2016 GOP convention because they don't want to be associated with the Republican candidates' hate-mongering.
We cannot simply call out the dirty tricks, we must mobilize to confront proponents of voter suppression head-on. To keep rising, we need to convert the mass outrage fueled by voter suppression not just into voter turnout but into mass strategic action that's outcomes-driven and focused on political accountability and legislative change.
Life in the progressive movement can be arduous, which is why the Center for Community Change (CCC) takes one night of the year to lift up and celebrate some of the people and organizations that are leading the struggle toward justice in this country.
It's a daunting agenda. But through it all, Robinson says, Color of Change will be there to give a voice to the concerns
Billy Murphy, an attorney for Gray's family, said that the family was gratified by the news and that it has given them a
"I'm proud on this day that I can tell my daughter, my son, that we fought that day," the protester told The Huffington Post
So many of us feel so powerless, unable to affect substantive change, unable to do anything other than hurt. Powerless does not mean there isn't work to be done. It is silence, inactivity, complacency and disconnect that are the enemies of justice, not rage.
The Republican takeover of the Senate signals deep challenges that will gravely impact our families and communities. It’s
"Many African-Americans, we don't trust him. We don't think he can be fair and impartial. Because we have history with him
Our criminal justice system is not a business, and people who are incarcerated should not be treated as assets on a corporate ledger.