4. Never run 5. Have fun but be safe 3. Never break anything in order to enter By College Tourist - Author Veronica White
Indulge in the rainbow food craze with this healthy hack that will make you abandon food coloring for good.
Colors like pink and green aren't really shocking when it comes to hair dye anymore, considering rainbow hair is pretty popular. A ton of people are actually getting their roots ready for summer, and have decided to dye it after summer's most popular fruit choice.
All of the kids whose parents could afford to, bought their kids every color you can imagine--Carolina Blue, Sunshine Yellow
When I left Glamour magazine, I was lucky enough to be given an original Kaitlin O'Connor drawing by Kelly Sherin, one of the brilliant photo people in the Glamour photo department at the time.
Sure, most brides wear white or ivory on their wedding day -- but that doesn't mean you have to!
What better way to show your love of America than American flag jell-o shots?
Fear not, beginner bakers! I think I've found a "go to" basic macaron recipe to help you get started.
These places exist. No, not in dreams or hallucinations or Wes Anderson movies, but right here on this beautiful, mysterious planet. We just thought you should know.
I am going to share some tried and true decorating advice with you-invest in high ticket classic furnishings and have fun with colorful home accessories.