coloring books

Coloring may just be the only way to get that screaming Trump voice in your brain to shut the hell up.
Travel back in time, open your box of crayons, get to work on these vintage automobile drawings.
Get ready to put your own spin on Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia and Rose.
The secret's out: adult coloring books are all the rage. If you've ever wanted to color outside the lines, so to speak, and go beyond the book with this favorite downtime pasttime, then this post is for you! Today, I'm sharing 10 creative ways to use your coloring book pages!
After much thought (at least 10 minutes or so), I came up with the following activities that you are welcome to emulate.
It doesn't matter how old you are, who doesn't love getting a stocking filled with little presents? These are sure to please, so don't stop at just one gift -- grab a stocking and fill it up!
This holiday season, color your way out of stress.