colorized photos

From the late 19th century to the early 20th century, Japanese photographers were doing amazing things with color.
"These factories aren't lost even if they look abandoned on the surface."
In Japan, the color red has varied meanings, depending on its shade. On the country’s flag, a bold, red circle depicts the
Artists such as Jordan J. Lloyd, Mads Madsen and Wayne Degan are at the forefront of this trend, along with Pixartprinting
(via alwaysupvoteducks) The following photos feature a selection of ladies so badass they put Rosie the Riveter to shame
Robert Capa, [Truman Capote and Jennifer Jones on the set of Beat the Devil, Ravello, Italy], April 1953. © Robert Capa/International
#TBT lasts long after Thursday on 'Colorized Hollywood,' a Facebook page that features painstakingly colorized black and
14. Charlie Chaplin in 1916, at the beautiful age of 27. 5. This unemployed lumber worker in 1939. 4. This stunning snapshot
But our favorite of the bunch? Hands down, it's the heartwarming snapshot of Jim Henson above, surrounded by two of his lovable
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