The color pink has a complicated relationship with gender that goes back generations.
For example, my current project is to develop a flexible and convenient monitoring solution for intraocular pressure (IOP
Unlike black or brown, gray has a warmth and coziness, even at its chicest, and we can't think of a color it won't complement. Which means the brights, pastels and autumnal toned pieces in your closet will have a new companion.
Being able to see 1 million colors -- as most of us can -- seems pretty great. Until you find out that there are people like Maureen Seaberg in the world who can see 100 times that.
Our schedules are more demanding as we stream along in daily life and we need to save time where we can. So I thought about
Boss The warm mahogany shade of this sculptural dress makes a striking statement for a Fall wedding or cocktail party. A
Aniebietabasi Ekong, known to the Internet as baddieani, is a whole new breed of artist, the kind that that could only exist in the Internet Age.
Feelings and emotions that motivate or paralyze us lie within the limbic system. Our awareness that our emotional life colors our performance can liberate us from some brain chains.
Colors play an important role in our lives. They can remind us of a place, a time of year, or our favorite traditions, and
It's the first time Pantone has chosen the blending of two shades instead of one (past choices include Marsala, Radiant Orchid and Emerald). According to the company, by breaking from tradition, it hopes to "transcend cultural and gender norms."
As this year continues, I share one of the ways life changed and inspired me. Life worked through colors. Colors are everywhere
Again a Fall Scene at the Old Town With the Stylish Houses. Celso Bressan Indeed, not all pieces are interesting but some
Color plays a major role in our lives by the way it influences our moods and emotions. You wouldn't think that a color can make you feel secure or make you feel un-easy, but it can. When you choose to use a color or avoid it, that action can reveal much about your personality.
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