The ancient amphitheater was illuminated on Saturday to highlight the plight of persecuted Christians.
This week my daughter turns 16. Dressed in her favorite tie-dye shirt, she will open gifts of brightly colored stuffed animals
Well, it's true. I'm close to Rome in that I'm in Lucca, in that I'm in Italy. And I'm close to home, in that I'll be in Colorado tomorrow evening, in time for the presentation at the American Colosseum (metaphorically speaking), which in this case will be the uber attended, anxiously awaited and rehearsed, and media success of prime time. This would be the Presidential Debate, between you know who.
  Honorable mentions: Termini Station (Rome's main railway station):What kid doesn't love trains that come in a myriad of
Two tourists from California are accused of carving their initials into Rome's Colosseum on Saturday and posing for a selfie
When I was a little girl, my parents would take us to the Colosseum with much the same vibe as when I take my daughter to the local park. We'd be set free to jump, climb and play, but instead of padded pavement and over-engineered climbing devices, we had cats, columns, rocks
Who doesn't dream about seeing the Colosseum? The nearly 2000-year-old monument was the site of the Roman empire's amazing physical contests. But like every cultural heritage monument around the world, the Colosseum had succumbed to time, nature and pollution; it was in dire need of help.
From Jenna Abate, Staff Writer: Ancient civilizations have long written about the power and force that weather
The researchers reported that the Colsseum-like structure was oval in shape with curved walls and floors made from marble
The ancient Colosseum of Rome, site of historic gladiator battles, has clearly had some structural issues: bits of rocks
The Tower of London. Times Square. The Taj Mahal. Between crowds, queues and inflated admission costs, hitting the world's
Who's the real Shania? The private introvert who left at the top of her game and waited so long to return to the stage or the gregarious and courageous diva with nerve enough to dive into a show with so many moving parts and pull it off without a hitch?
The ancient Colosseum of Rome, site of historic gladiator battles, will soon be getting its own suit of armor. Back in 2010
Although Monti is the most popular political figure in Italy, his comments on Thursday that he would be willing to serve
Ancient ruins stand alongside Renaissance palazzos and buzzing cafes, and the works of art that can be viewed in the city's museums and churches are enough to make any culture lover drool.
He said intervention could be necessary if the concerns are confirmed, along the lines of stabilisation work carried out
I've never been much interested in going to the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Colosseum, or any of the standard tourist draws in Europe.
Legions of people from faraway places still pass through the Roman gates, but now they're mainly tourists. It's tough deciding what to see first. The Vatican City? The Colosseum?
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