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So, when will Coffman hold his big meeting? Who could possibly argue about the news value of catching a Congressman on video
The American Press Institute, who support a vibrant and democratic free press, recently released some really good work on the ethics of funding of nonprofit journalism, with specific recommendations to come.
Too many reporters have a conveyor belt mentality, blithely writing copy based on press releases without doing any real reporting or even basic fact checking. And sometimes, their stories blow up spectacularly when their investigative laziness is revealed.
But it won't prevent you from getting the big bucks from a wealthy governor and his pals if it serves their political interest
It’s been a standout year for journalism—and a disappointing one. CJR discussed the most important media stories and trends
CJR's chief talks about its digital shift and new membership model.
In an effort to better align our resources with our mission, we have decided to significantly boost our investment inColumbia
In an online Denver Post op-ed, I urged reporters to seek out and interview hiding politicians. I gave some recent examples, like Rep. Mike Coffman hiding from reporters after he said he isn't sure Obama is an American. On Twitter, former CU regent Tom Lucero, a Republican, told me I left out instances of Democrats hiding from reporters.
One of the most fascinating aspects of the Serial podcast craze has been the amount of audience interaction with the story
In his editor’s letter this week announcing a redesigned New York Times Magazine, one with much more digital content and