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Nathaniel Rowland, 24, is facing kidnapping and murder charges in the death of 21-year-old Samantha Josephson.
The assignment asked students: "You are a member of the KKK. Why do you think your treatment of African Americans is justified?"
Schools are reopening across the country. Are you a social studies or history teacher? Involve your students in a research
The Justice Department said evidence was "insufficient" to prosecute.
Follow Lester & Charlie on Facebook, Twitter or visit their blog   *** Tangible disdain for the have-nots goes back millennia
The Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics assembled a list of places Americans can retire on Social Security alone - as Social Security is likeliest to be retirees’ largest source of income.
After becoming a "magnet for homeless people," as one business leader had claimed, Columbia's city council members voted
"Shortcomings aside, I think we can make it if we can just get our crazy in order," Simmons says. "We're going to make this
The city said the ordinance wasn't intended to target specific organizations, but to better public spaces for everyone in
But even the members of the law enforcement who would have been needed to carry out the plan would not get on board. Columbia’s
Cost studies in 13 cities and states revealed that, on average, cities spend $87 per day to jail a person, and $28 per day
We gotta admit: even with all we know about how they like to do things in Red States, the boldness of this measure leaves us pretty stunned. Too many homeless in your burgeoning downtown? Just send 'em packing!
Owen McKagen a strapping young "yes, ma'am" gentleman of the South who looks as though he stepped out of a Tennessee Williams play, has a bright idea to create an aquaponic device the size of a microwave that has an aquarium on the bottom and a garden on the top.