Columbus Ohio

Child sexual abuse laws were intended to hold adults accountable, but as a Columbus case shows, minors have increasingly had the laws used against them.
Ta’Kiya Young, 21, was due to give birth in November, her family told The Columbus Dispatch.
Officials estimated between 15 and 45 people were on the roof before it collapsed near Ohio State University on Saturday.
A federal jury said that police officer Bryan Mason did not violate the Black teenager’s civil rights when he killed the boy while responding to a reported armed robbery.
Classes are scheduled to resume in just two days.
Police say the 27-year-old defendant confessed to raping the girl on two separate occasions upon his July 12 arrest.
Josh Mandel and Morgan Harper, running for Senate from opposite ends of the political spectrum, debated in Columbus. A moment for consensus it was not.
Graphic body-camera footage shows an officer firing at the teenager several times. An investigation into the shooting is underway, officials said.
A grand jury indicted Adam Coy, who was fired from the Columbus Police Department in December, on multiple charges, including murder.
Sen. Stephen Huffman was appointed to the state's Senate Health Committee despite questioning whether “the colored population” was disproportionately contracting the coronavirus because of their hygiene.